I shut my eyes in search of sleep
Tossed and turned and hoped for dreams
Awakened by a voice that was so clear,
It felt so near to me
I want your love I need your touch
I?ve been missing you so much
I reach out for your hand,
And now it feels like I am falling
Down, Down, Down
Till I Kiss the Ground, Ground, Ground
Fall Down with my Face Down
Giving up Me, Myself and I
It?s a Bittersweet Taste to Swallow my Pride Now
Face Down is Where I Stay Now
If You See Me Standing Up Again
Just Knock Me Back Down so I can Live
Face Down
I?m on my face again
It?s where I should have been
It brings me back to where I found you,
Where I first fell for you
No more depending on myself
It?s you and me and no one else
You stretch out your hand
And now it feels like I am falling into
Love, Love, Love,
Can?t get enough of Love
I got to live face down
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Face Down Lyrics

Family Force 5 – Face Down Lyrics